Monsoon Sheds


RainShed Tarpaulins

We are here to protect your goods from all Weather climates. From last 15 years, we provide service to various industries, we are Specialized & Experienced to Construct Tarpaulins Monsoon Shed, & we provide RainShed’s as per client’s specification & design.

Monsoon Shed is constructing as per any specification required by our customers. The shed frames is made from teakwood Ballies (Vansa), Bamboos, Coir Ropes, & covered with 100% waterproof HDPE Tarpaulins & Plastic. Hiring of warehouses can prove to be very uneconomical in the end. We can offer to construct sheds as per your specifications in your own premises or anywhere in India. These sheds are available on either Outright Purchase or On Contract / Rent basis. Way it works out to be extreme cost efficient compared to either warehousing charges or constructing a godown.

  • Material & Labor Chgs & Service : : Our Rates include with Material, Labour Services Charges (Construction To Dismantle), Transportation till the contract period on Hire        basis. Free of Service’s & Maintenance of Monsoon Shed will be providing during the contract period.
  • Tarpaulins & Polythene Plastics : : H.D.P.E Tarpaulins is used for Top Cover & For Side cover.
  • Black Polythene Plastics : : Pure Black Cable Plastic is used over H.D.P.E Tarpaulins (i.e Double layer at top Area)
  • Bullies & Bamboo : : Bullies (Vansa) are used of Saru are of high quality & Rocket Bamboos are used.

RainShed are widely Constructed For Use In the Following Sector & Industries :-

  • Temporary Godowns / Warehousing
  • Infrastructure / Construction Site
  • Textile Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Brick Industries
  • Marble & Tile Industries
  • CFS (Custom Bonded Area) / ICD
  • Paper / Glass Industries
  • Cement / Chemical Industries
  • Sugar / Food / Agriculture Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals / Fertilizers Industries
  • Privates Parties / Wedding Decoration
  • Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Terrace Shed…
  • Airports / Hospitals & Etc
  • Large & Small Scale Industries.

Our Features :

  • Free Visit on Site & Estimation quotation of the Work.
  • High strength & Durability with 100 % Waterproof & Shrink resistant.
  • Fast installation With Precisely Designed.
  • Monsoon sheds are strong to with stand Heavy Rain, Wind & Sun.
  • Free Service & Maintenance throughout Hire Period & Economical in value.
  • We have Expert Supervisors & Skilled workers Team.
  • Construction & Dismantle of Shed within short period of Time.
Construction of Monsoon Sheds by providing the following activities

How We Works

Technical Experts furnish an optimal layout for Monsoon Shed for best possible utilization of area & space.

We procure every material required for Construction of Shed and budgeting/estimation for the same is carried out prior to other activities.

Materials required at site are transported and unloaded by our team and all logistical activities are taken care by us.

Our skilled workforce takes charge of the site and starts construction the structure required for Monsoon Shed. When the contract period ends, our team takes the responsibility of dismantling the shed transporting the materials back to our godown.

We provide our workers with all safety equipments like Shoes, Helmets, and Safety Belts and follow a safety policy while construction of Shed

Our supervisors and Technical Experts are available for round the clock inspection & maintenance for any kind of repair or damage.

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